Linking preclinical and clinical research

The Institute of Translational Molecular Imaging (ITMI) was created to provided a unique technical infrastructure and research facility to link between basic research and clinical research. Located at the proximity of the University Hospital of Geneva and the faculty of Medicine of the University of Geneva it provides an ideal bridge between researchers of both facilities. It benefits from the proximity of the hospital cyclotron unit and radiopharmaceutical development facility.

Focusing on preclinical research and animal imaging it offers a complete platform of multi-modality imaging devices dedicated to small animals, with an aim to allow the development of new animal models for evaluation and validation of diagnostic and therapeutic techniques as well as assisting new drug developments.

Translational research is emerging as a major player in accelerating application of fundamental research into clinical applications. This is particularly true for drug developments but also for new diagnostic and investigation techniques and new therapeutic procedures such as minimal invasive surgery, implants, nanotechnologies and robotics. There is no doubt that medical imaging has become one of the major player in medicine today with new molecular imaging techniques, but is also emerging as the most rapidly growing domain in translation research and in pre-clinical research. Molecular imaging such as PET and MRI are becoming an essential part of validation of new therapeutics in animal models.

This project should bring together the most advanced expertise in molecular medical imaging techniques and innovations in biomedical engineering from the university of Geneva and the EPFL for the development and application of new imaging techniques dedicated to translational research and pre-clinical studies. Grouped in a single institute these multidisciplinary leaderships should provide the ideal environment for hosting advance translational research funded by pharma and biotechnology industry.

ITMI in BatLab

The ITMI animal imaging platform located at the new "BatLab" building between the University hospital and the faculty of medicine bridges between clinical research and basic sciences, fulfilling the needs for translational research.


Extending to the Campus Biotech

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Partnership with Stanford University

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The new ITMI imaging platform of BatLab

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